Saving Money!!!

Automatic Savings App!

Hey guys! So this app called “Qapital” that I use is the perfect way to make saving money easier! It is a trusted app and if you are sketched out at all by it, feel free to go to the website here for more information or do some research yourself. 

Sign up here to get $5 after your first automated savings deposit goes through!


Qapital allows you to create multiple goals and you can even choose categories for each of them! The goal categories are:

  • “Do something”
  • “Go somewhere”
  • “Get something”
  • “Pay off debts”
  • “Just start saving”

It also has a “Something else” option so you can personalize your goal! On top of that, you can choose an image for each goal you have so every-time you look at your app you are still motivated to save!


You can choose one or more rules for each goal you have!

Round-up: This is a way to “save change” without needing to use cash! So for example if you pay $14.75 for something, Qapital will put 25 cents into the saving goal you set up with that rule. You can even choose to round-up to either $1, $2, $3, $4, or $5! 

Set & forget: Choose an amount you want to save and then choose if you want to save that amount every day, week, or month! So maybe you choose $20 and every week. Qapital will automatically save $20 every Monday!

Payday: For this rule overtime your bank account gets a deposit of more than $50 for example (or whatever you choose), you can select a percentage of the deposit that will be sent to your Qapital savings goal!

Guilty pleasure: This rule allows you to save money anytime you spend money at a place of your choosing. This might help you stop your bad habit of getting $5 coffee every morning which will save you money or it will help you save money by automatically saving a desired amount every-time you buy your coffee! You can choose places like McDonalds, Target, Caribou, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc.

Spend less: Set an amount that you want to spend less than every week or month at a specific place (like the examples above) and then save the difference! So if you want to spend less than $15 a week on coffee, if you only spend $10, capital will save the remaining $5 and put it in your savings goal!

Freelancer: Automatically save 30% on every deposit that is larger than $100.

52 week: With this rule, you will save $1 on week 1, $2 on week 2 and so on for 52 weeks! This will save a total of $1,378!

Apple Health: This rule is connected to the Apple health app! You can choose between walking/running distance, steps, workouts, and stand hours. You set a specific number or amount of time you want to complete and then an amount of money you want to save every time you complete the workout goal you set!

Customize: This rule allows you to turn any activity into a “trigger” to save money! You can choose to save whenever you post an image to Instagram, whenever you post a tweet to twitter, and other things like that!


Overall this app is great for saving money due to the fact that it’s automatic. The hardest part of saving money is the act of having to put money into a savings account yourself because let’s be honest, we would all rather spend money than save it! So, if you’re interested in signing up for this app, use the link here to get $5 for free after you save money for the first time on the app! I hope this app helps you guys save some money!

Talk to you guys soon! -Kaet


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Hey guys so I decided that we could get a little more serious and talk about the topic of “Adulting”. Personally this topic freaks me out and yet, I’ve been excited for it for what feels like my whole life. So anyways, I wanted to get a couple of things off my mind about what’s making me nervous while looking ahead a few months.



Oh my, I never realized how scary this word was until my third trimester of high-school started. I have looked forward to growing up my whole life but truthfully, now that it is becoming so real, I would like to be 5 years old again please! I’ve spent so much of my life going to school, so why does college scare me so much? Well, let me tell you why. Expenses, responsibility, and “adulting”. The funny thing is, I don’t even plan on going to an expensive school. I’m going to a community college for generals and most likely doing it online but, for some reason the number of the price still makes my stomach flip. As for responsibility, not only do I have to do homework and study for classes that are supposedly 10x harder than high-school but I also have to make sure that I make time for everyone in my life even though i’ll be busier than I already am..

I’m not even sure what I’m going to major in yet to be quite honest. This year I fell in love with psychology in my AP psychology class but there are so many things I would like to major in! I’d like to learn more about business and how to work computers. I want to learn how to write better and speak in public. I’d like to learn how to cook delicious food that I can one day make for my family. SO MANY THINGS AND NOT ENOUGH MONEY!!! Or time for that matter.. But, whatever I decide on, I still plan on keeping up with this blog that I have become very excited about and possibly even broadening my “LivingShamelessly” theme to YouTube! Why not, right ?

Moving Out…

Another expense, another responsibility, and another sign of me “adulting”. And yet, another thing I’ve dreamt about for as long as I can remember! Scary? Most definitely. Disastrous? Maybe… But impossible? HELL NO!!! Recently I have been thinking about things I would need to buy if I moved out and I think that’s what scared me the most. Once you think about it, you obviously know you need a lamp but do you realize you need light-bulbs too? Yes you’ll have your clothes but are your parents gonna let you take all the hangers? These are the questions that scared me but I plan on continuing looking at moving out as a positive thing and remembering that just because things are a little scary sometimes, doesn’t mean you should let them scare you off the path you’ve looked forward to for so long


I just wanted to add that this website is meant for people to help each other out, to learn something, and to feel like they can come here for support. Comment on my posts, DM me on instagram or twitter, reach out to me at any time of the day and I will get back to you whenever I can. Type your email into the subscribe area to get notified when I post something new! Comment something that scares you and we can all discuss our fears together!

Look at my last post about motivation here! You’ll be hearing from me again soon! Bye for now!


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3 Tips To Stay Motivated!

Is your hard work not paying off? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Well I have a few tips to stay motivated when you feel like giving up.

I live in Minnesota which means even though it’s “spring” there is still snow on the ground. This is actually what inspired this post. The winter time is when I and I’m sure, many others, experience a lack of motivation. Let’s change that!


Focus on the process, not the outcome!

Focusing on the outcome is likely to reduce your motivation because it starts to feel so distant. If you start to focus on the process of what you are doing, you are more likely to get stuff done and stay on track!

Think of what you can do better!

Ask yourself and others what you can do better! With whatever your focusing on, some advice on what you can do better may re-spark your interest and make you feel more motivated to work on it. Plus, you can end up with some really good advice that really will make whatever your focusing on so much better!

Put in all your effort!

A LOT of people think that motivation comes first and then from motivation, comes the effort. This is completely FALSE!!! Putting in effort day in and day out will actually make you feel more productive and like you’ve accomplished something! These feelings will actually give you some of the motivation you need to keep going!


* “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar *

These 3 tips help me whenever I lack motivation so I hope they help you as well! If you find yourself needing more tips to stay motivated I recommend watching Kenzie Elizabeth’s youtube video! She is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube because of her Girl Boss vibe. Click here if you want to check her out!

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