5 Staple Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should have!

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1. A basic white tee-shirt!

Plain white tee’s are a great staple fashion piece to always have in your closet. They are simple which makes it that much easier to dress up into a stylish outfit with some accessories or maybe some dress pants! But the nice thing about this clothing piece is, it can also be dressed down. A cute flannel or a jean jacket tied around your waist with some ripped jeans makes an adorable simple outfit! It’s perfect for when you want to look cute but not go overboard.

As you can see, the plain white shirt makes these pants POP and although the outfit is simple, it is definitely classy and stylish!

This is cute and stylish but not too “dressy” which is a great fashionable outfit for a more casual day!

2. Black ripped skinny jeans!

My black ripped skinny jeans are my favorite pants when I want a edgy fashion look BUT, they can also give you a more sophisticated look when you want one!

A thick, long scarf and some brown booties is just one way to add sophistication to your black jeans!

ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! Black leather jacket, black shirt, and black booties is the exact edgy fashion look I was talking about! It is a perfect outfit if you’re in a “don’t mess with me” kind of mood… Does anyone else have that mood or is it just me?

3. White and/or black high-top converse!

The edgy look is definitely easy to master with a pair of high-top converse in your closet! They work with simple outfits and even dressy outfits. My converses are one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I can wear them with just about any outfit!

Both of these looks are edgy but as you can tell, you can choose different clothing items to get a different level of edge! The left image has black tights and has a more edgy look but the right has a more casual but slightly edgy look!

4. Black booties!

Ugh, black booties! Another one of my favorite staple fashion items! Black booties dress up just about any outfit! Personally, I like my booties to have a little more heel but the ones with less heel dress up an outfit just as much!

Now take a second and imagine each of these outfits with converse.. I know, they are still cute even with converse! But as you can see, black booties have a big impact on just how dressy these outfits look!

5. High-Waisted jeans!

High-waisted jeans are perfect for anyone who enjoys wearing cropped shirts and sweatshirts but they also look wonderful with shirts that you prefer to be tucked in!

Here is an example of both the tucked in shirt and cropped shirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans! The variety of outfits for high-waisted jeans is endless!


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I hope you all enjoy my first fashion post! Talk to you guys soon !

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