The thing that had the biggest impact on my decision to start this blog was the realization that wealth is available to everyone, we just need to learn how to access that wealth. Now, i’d like to say that I had that realization all on my own but the truth is, if I wouldn’t have read books that talked about money and success, I would still be thinking “I’ll start a blog when I’m a little older and actually have money.”


Today, I am going to give you short descriptions of two books with these topics that have been useful and enjoyed by many people just like us! If the descriptions are enough to fill you with motivation, awesome! Use that motivation and start learning how to access the wealth that is available to you! If the descriptions don’t quite do the job, look into reading one or both of these books, it’s definitely worth it!

This book talks about changing your mindset and beliefs about money. If you think about the way she talks about mindset, it pretty much goes along with The Law of Attraction. This book allows you to have a clear relationship with money and gives you motivation to start tapping into your wealth. It has a 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon and is said to be enjoyable but easy to read! If you are interested in getting ahold of this book, it is priced at $12.63 for the paperback. (The link is underlined and located right above the image of the book).

This book is meant to give you an insightful look on self-development. The habits mentioned in this book can improve your happiness AND success. The author organized his writing with a really good structure that makes the information  easy to follow and apply in your day to day life. The book is rated at 4.5/5 stars and is priced at $10.25 for paperback. (Link is underlined and above the image of the book).
Now, these are just the two books that I personally enjoyed but feel free to look through Amazon Books yourself! Amazon has plenty of books to choose from in these categories, just make sure you look into the ratings and/or reviews before purchasing! Hope these books help you as much as they’ve helped me! Leave me comments with any questions you have for me and let me know if you’ve decided to purchase either of these. If you find a book that you liked more than the two I share, please tell me the title and author so I can give it a read!
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